Published December 5th, 2012 by Grand Detour

Grand Detour along with BoomBap! is proud to play host to touring filmmaker Robbieland!

All fllms on 16mm, with special thanks to the NW Film Center for use of their projector:

Born in Jacksonville, Florida, Robbie began working in film specifically super-8mm producing animations and live action experiments. Since then, he has worked on a variety of projects from cinematographer at the Florida Lightning Research Facility to teaching college level photography and film production. Currently he resides in Atlanta, Georgia and continues to experiment with various film and sound methods for exhibition of installations, film screenings, performance and photography. Robbie’s work has been exhibited at Kunst Film Biennale in Cologne, Germany, Museum Do Chiado in Lisbon, Portugal, The International Experimental Cinema Exposition in Denver, Colorado, Scientifical Center Espace Mendès in Poitiers, France, Museum of Contemporary Art Georgia in Atlanta and a variety of solo and group screenings and venues.


Portland Stew – A Local Film Screening

Published November 8th, 2012 by Grand Detour

Wed. Nov. 14th at 7pm

Come stew with us this Autumn as we gather to watch a bunch of films from local experimental filmmakers and eat food! Yes this is a potluck!  So bring some food or beverage or come to enjoy some food and drink and watch movies!  This is the first of this kind of event for Grand Detour at BoomBap!, but we hope it will continue forth, allowing more people to screen works with all of us together.

This night’s event so far will be featuring works by:

Nora Robertson, Bob Moricz, Taylor Nietzke, Dave Higel, Lindsay Waite, Karl Lind, Jennifer Hardacker, Swoon, Ben Popp…..but they may be others!!

Works will be on digital AND 16mm….

At BoomBap!  640 SE Stark   $4



Local Love with Kurtis Hough! 11/7, 8pm.

Published October 30th, 2012 by Grand Detour

640 SE Stark

Admission: Sliding Scale $3-6, (we pay Kurtis, and we also pay rent to host screenings)



PLEASE join us for a survey of Kurtis Hough’s impressive oeuvre-so-far, this coming Wednesday, 11/7, at 8pm. The evening will be a comprehensive look at eight years of experimenting in rhythm and image. From hauntingly beautiful animation to some of the most tragicomic 24 seconds you will ever see, this program is a rare chance to see the depth and breadth of Hough’s skillful and and iconoclastic practice.

Part 1:
Water From the Same Source
stumble then rise on some awkward morning
My Shelf

Part 2:
Peach, Plum, Pear
I Never Have Sighed
Shadows Grow Long

Part 3:
Warm Earth, Which I’ve Been Told
Walking Through Mist I-II
how to lose $2400 in 24 seconds
Mossgrove / Bed of Moss

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Published October 17th, 2012 by Grand Detour

We are so thrilled to offer a great double-header of yummy Portland-tastic goodness next Thursday: Animation from Justin Warner and tunes by We are Like the Spider (OH MY GOD PLEASE LET THEM DO THAT ACE OF BASE COVER!)! So join us for an evening that promises to be: weird, cool, and totally worth the trip out. Like pumpkin flavored EVERYTHING, it’s the season for watchin and listenin and takin in! We hope to see you!


Thursday, October 25, 8pm

640 SE Stark

$3-6 (refreshments will be served! EVERYONE LOVES REFRESHMENTS)

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First Friday Madness!!!

Published October 5th, 2012 by Grand Detour

Join us Oct. 5th for EFF Portland all-star Jeremy Rourke screening his animations with live musical accompaniment by Jeremy himself!  For a sneak peek check out his film Jazzy Birds!

Jeremy Rourke is a self taught animator and musician living in San Francisco.  He uses paper, paint, shadows, wood, old photographs, new photographs, flowers, tape, pens, pencils, leaves, and sticks to make his animations, which are set to his own music.  His work has been shown at film festivals around the country (including EFF Portland!) and he was named ‘best new animator/musician’ by SFWeekly.  During live performances, he tries really extra hard to magically enter the movie screen.  He is on this earth right now, with the sun shining on it, floating through space, right along with you.

Jeremy will be joined in the back at BoomBap! with live shows by Jon Pfeffer, Like a Villain and Ryan Miller !!

This musical Madness is only $5!!!

AND AND AND!!!! Not only that, but in the front we have Chris Freeman, who recently had a screening with us and his wonderful films, screening three works, ONE NEW!!!!, on the monitors.  We’ll also have an installation by first time installation artist Dave Higel, a member of the Hand Painted Film Society who also performed at EFF!!, and FINALLY a looping installation of            Jamie Marie Waelchll !!    There may be even more!

Come check out this kick-ass show and have a beer!!  Yup!! We’ll be sling’n beer and wine!

640 SE Stark….8pm !!!  BoomBap! And Grand Detour!!


BRENT EFFING COUGHENOUR! 9/27, 8pm, 640 SE Stark

Published September 23rd, 2012 by Grand Detour
If you went to any EFFPortland, you might have noticed that Mr. Brent Coughenour was ALL UP IN IT. His installation In Search of Lost Time was at Place Gallery, and his excellent short film Work in Progress was in our “best of” program. Bottom line: THIS DUDE RULES. He may in fact be the best thing to come out of Detroit. And NOW he’s bringing a tour of recent work back to Portland, and you’re not going to want to miss it. JOIN US THIS THURSDAY, September 27, at 8pm, for a show that will rock your socks.
Brent Coughenour is a media artist originally from the Motor City, currently based in the Golden State. He has presented his work at a variety of festivals and venues throughout the U.S. and internationally, including the International Film Festival Rotterdam, Media City Film and Video Festival, Antimatter Film Festival, Experimental Film and Video Festival in Seoul, Ann Arbor Film Festival and the fledgling Experimental Film Festival Portland. His most recent piece, the three-part found-footage video essay Mysterium Cosmographicum, is distributed by Video Data Bank.

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Boys will be Boys: Chris Freeman and Joe Noreen Thursday, September 20, 8pm

Published September 16th, 2012 by Grand Detour

We fell in love with Chris Freeman when he submitted Chris Freeman Presents: A scene from Star Trek: The Next Generation, Episode 3×09, “The Vengeance Factor”  to EFFPortland, and the love just keeps on flowin! Join us as we celebrate his work this Thursday, September 20, at 8pm, in our new space at 640 SE Stark!

Chris Freeman, “Me Time”

Chris Freeman’s video work deals with ideas of masculinity and normalcy as a white, straight, American male.  Often taking the form of self-portraits, Freeman’s constructed situations seek to portray the contradictions in a social group that is so normal it is not defined as a group.  The result is often humorous and ironic, but multi-layered, as he uses his own far-from-perfect male body to show unspoken pressures of strength, vigilance, and competitiveness.  

We’re stoked that he’s going to screen with us this Thursday. We’re stoked that he’s going to be premiering “Dreams of War, Dreams of Lies, Dreams of Dragon’s Fire,” a metal mash-up music video investigating rock star heroes, a mythology of power, unrealized dreams, and how lame normal life is.

We’re also stoked that he’s bringin a friend! Joe Noreen is a photographer, musician, writer, video artist, sometimes film actor, and human, whose work aims to articulate and vindicate the magnificent albatross of incisive sensitivity and the beautiful nightmare that is perceptive consciousness.

Here’s to a night of fantastic media and rad bromance! Suggested donation $3-6 (hey, we pay rent at that space, y’all).

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Published September 11th, 2012 by Grand Detour

If you stopped by on First Friday, you saw how Grand Detour’s collaboration with Boom Bap! has created a space brimming with multimedia and interactive phenomena. BUT we’re just getting our feet wet, and our best is yet to come, starting THIS WEEK!

JOIN US starting at 8pm on Thursday the 13th for TBDfest, a celebration of our vision and a showcase of all the crazyamazing things we have to offer. We’re just a few blocks down from the Works at Washington High School and we have seriously, so much stuff.

Here’s what’s on tap! Bear with us, It’s a lot. But as EFFPortland might have shown you, we think more is more:



Memory Boys: Pacific Northwest-tastic electroacoustic folk rock

William Ingrid: freaky electrosoul radness from the co-directors of Boom Bap!

BASEMENT SNAKE: lo-fi techno-cipher nonsense from the co-directors of EFFPortland

Doug Hanning: jazz piano improvenomena (not so much Thelonious Monk as Thelonious Wizard)



Backlit, by Rubina Martini

mermaid blues, by Hannah Piper Burns



Five selections, new and vintage, from the Grand Detour vault

Swampy clicking of darkening rhythms by Jeffrey Von Ragan in accompaniment to his first film, Forbidden Fruit (1993) 


opticnoodling, by Lena Munday: gentle performance. ambient, improvised, live audiovisuals that create a space for play.

Backlit, by Rubina Martini:

Live Video Mashups, from Derek Larson

Caricaturanimation, by Ryan Bruce

and a collaboration between dancer/performer Grace Nowakoski and painter, writer, actor, musician, and translator Jeff Diteman


Don’t miss this smorgasbord of sensory stimulation! Come out and see what we can do: TBDfest is just the tip of the iceberg! 




This FRIDAY and Beyond (Exciting News for Grand Detour)!

Published September 6th, 2012 by Grand Detour


We here at Grand Detour have made a bold stride into the future of experimental media in Portland, teaming up with our longtime allies Boom Bap! in the warehouse at 640 SE Stark! We are going to be bringing you all kinds of amazing, multiform events! This adventure in collaboration and cross-promotion will create a space for all kinds of projects and happenings in the months to come.

Our new venture is kicking off with a BANG this Friday, September 7, as we debut this collaborative effort with a showcase of live music and cray media! Join us for a pizza party with White Rainbow, Donnie Blossoms, and Free Weedand a gallery full of installation, projections, and general multimedia smorgasbord. It all goes down starting at 6pm!

We’ll be kicking it up a notch further on Thursday, September 13th, for an event we are lovingly referring to as TBDfest: live music, installation, improvised media, live animation, and more and more and more. Are we flagrantly flaunting our TBA adjacent-ness? Uh, yeah. The fun starts at 8pm. Come get blitzed on sight sound text and light!

There’s lots and lots more to come, so instead of overwhelming you with our amazing lineup, we’ll just give you a quick blast for now, with details to follow. And there will be more! Check it:

9/15: TP:AIN

9/20: Chris Freeman*

9/22: Hawke Jones, The Cookie Sound, Lunge, Good Intentions

9/26: Boyfrndz

9/27: Brent Coughenour*

10/5: Jonathan Pfeffer (Capillary Action)

10/6: Jeremy Rourke*

(* denotes an EFFPortland ALL STAR!!!)

So get pumped, and stay pumped, cause we are back with a vengeance and ready to rock your world with an experimental media extravaganza!


Watch This!

Published August 10th, 2012 by Grand Detour

Grand Detour is proud to host the traveling film program
Watch This! Sun Aug. 19th at BoomBap!  located at
640 SE Stark @ 8pm

Watch This! is a program celebrating the work of visual experimentalists. The distinctly diverse program features Science Made Clear, a world premiere of a digital short by Nelson Carvajal (whose work has been featured at the London Underground Film Festival). Unreleased shorts FaceOdd, and El Quatro by Amir George that were previewed at video art show Film is Dead screen in entirety. Brooklyn based musician and visual artist Alice Cohen (Trance Actions) contributes a video to the program along with film and video artist Anansi Knowbody (Auteur Pedogogy), Jason Ogawa (Looks Alive), and Lindsay Denniberg (Chances). The highlight of Watch This! is Lewis Vaughn’s visual album August the Terrible, which is one project made up of three films representing the transcendence of one soul.