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Local Love with Kurtis Hough! 11/7, 8pm.

Published October 30th, 2012 by Grand Detour

640 SE Stark

Admission: Sliding Scale $3-6, (we pay Kurtis, and we also pay rent to host screenings)



PLEASE join us for a survey of Kurtis Hough’s impressive oeuvre-so-far, this coming Wednesday, 11/7, at 8pm. The evening will be a comprehensive look at eight years of experimenting in rhythm and image. From hauntingly beautiful animation to some of the most tragicomic 24 seconds you will ever see, this program is a rare chance to see the depth and breadth of Hough’s skillful and and iconoclastic practice.

Part 1:
Water From the Same Source
stumble then rise on some awkward morning
My Shelf

Part 2:
Peach, Plum, Pear
I Never Have Sighed
Shadows Grow Long

Part 3:
Warm Earth, Which I’ve Been Told
Walking Through Mist I-II
how to lose $2400 in 24 seconds
Mossgrove / Bed of Moss

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Published October 17th, 2012 by Grand Detour

We are so thrilled to offer a great double-header of yummy Portland-tastic goodness next Thursday: Animation from Justin Warner and tunes by We are Like the Spider (OH MY GOD PLEASE LET THEM DO THAT ACE OF BASE COVER!)! So join us for an evening that promises to be: weird, cool, and totally worth the trip out. Like pumpkin flavored EVERYTHING, it’s the season for watchin and listenin and takin in! We hope to see you!


Thursday, October 25, 8pm

640 SE Stark

$3-6 (refreshments will be served! EVERYONE LOVES REFRESHMENTS)

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Published June 21st, 2011 by Grand Detour

Any minute now, we’ll be announcing the full lineup of our Summer Screening Series, Hot Media. But we’re kicking things off NOW, ending the month with two great events: an interactive installation and a sweet experimental animation presentation. Check it:

Grand Detour Presents

Sound and Image Playground

at No.Fest Music and Arts Fair

Saturday, June 25, 2011, 2-6PM

Salle Trois Armes Fencing Studio

St. Johns

We here at Grand Detour are thrilled to have been invited back to No.Fest, an incredible celebration of art and community! This year, we will have 4 interactive stations set up for anyone to come and make their own sound and images. The playground is a series of stations that explore integral components of movie-making, both past and present. Using film projection, optical sound, direct animation, and veejaying, No.Fest visitors will be able to create their own pieces of experimental media, both singularly and collaboratively. It is free and open to all members of the community.
The first station of the playground will have participants creating their own soundtracks from a bin of found-footage clips, by pulling the film back and forth through the projector, experimenting with speed and existing sound. The second station focuses on creating sound through scratching into blackleader or silent found footage, which makes a soundtrack when passed over a projector’s opticalsound head. The possibilities are endless, whether participants choose to try and recreate anexisting tune or just scratch until it sounds good! The third station is all about direct animation and collaboration. A unified Frankenstein monster of abstract film will be created en masse, using black and clear leader and sharpies, ink, hole punches, or paint to create images and put them in motion. The final product will be used as part of an improvised performance by one of No.Fest’s many amazing musical acts, so participants will actually be collaborating on a music video! Finally, the last station will utilize a drum pad and Max MSP to mix, match, and filter in realtime, creating brand new combinations of images from an existing database. With the playground, Grand Detour will be able to combine art and education with community and experimentation, laying groundwork for more and more educational offerings in the future. Come on out for some fun!!!


Grand Detour Presents

Stefan Gruber: Both Worlds

June 30,  8PM

RECESS Gallery, Oregon Brassworks Building, 1127 SE 10th

So excited to bring Seattle-based Stefan Gruber to Portland for this amazing presentation!

YouTube Preview Image

Both Worlds is a live performance art animation piece. Every show is fully participatory with audience presence greatly effecting the direction of the piece.Audiences are treated to a 10 minute cartoon with live score by a musician local to the area, and live voices by the animator and audience participants. The experience features a fully colored hand animated luscious cartoon world where hollow glass men learn to meditate and are filled to their brims with lightning, a mute liberator is granted 3 wishes in an Eden like garden, and cartoon deities sit upon mountaintops ready to trade gardening tips about their mountainside utopias. Each performance is accompanied by 2 improvised animated portraits drawn of audience members. In the closing section, a menu is given out of Gruber’s early works, and audience members call out their choices. This will be a 50 minute show, with optional 40 minutes of Q & A. Huge thanks to RECESS for hosting us!






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Chi(a)nimation All-Stars

Published January 3rd, 2011 by Grand Detour

January 11, 2011
Grand Detour
215 SE Morrison Suite 2020

Chi(a)nimation all stars: frame-by-frame explorations from Chicago

Chicago Animation at Grand Detour Portland

Jodie Mack lives and animates in Chicago–where the diverse community of animators constantly inspires her. Tonight, she will share a collection of animated shorts made in Chicago during her time in the Windy City (2005-present). From hand-drawn character animations, to lush abstractions, to puppet or paint-on glass animation, to glitch video processing–this program illustrates a multitude of midwestern motion experiments!


ERRATA Alexander Stewart (2005, 16mm, color/sound, 7m) Errata is an experimental animation created using a photocopier to copy copies of copies.

FLESH GUN Lale Westvind (2009, DV, color/sound, 5m50s) Moustachiod perverts in a spaceship ␣re upon a deformed, nude woman daily.

STRATEGIES OF TRUST Gonzalo Escobar (2007, 16mm–>DV, color/sound, 3m33s) Flesh Gun This piece aims to illustrate dynamics of trust based on presumptions, assumptions, and the (contemporary) obvious. Reliance on doubt is allowed. There are also dolls and toys.

MERMAID Lisa Barcy 2007, (16mmDV, color/sound, 16m45s) The tragi-comic tale of Carl and Doris, and the squid that comes between them.

EAGPOSTMUCNG Jon Satrom (2009, DV, color/sound, 25s) computerrrrrrrz

LAND ESCAPE Basia Goszcynska (2007, DV, color/sound, 5m) Land Escape is a short animated ␣lm set in a world that undergoes irreversible changes. The ␣lm follows a couple of inhabitants on a quest for survival.

THE REAL TIME AND LIFE OF JOHN JAMES AUDUBON Emily Kuehn (2008, color/sound, DV 6min) Bit rot, the idea that hard coded data is subject to physical decay and economic support through storage mediums, illustrates that information is not a solid state. Fact is a constant state of Flux. The real Time and Life of John James Audobon looks at historical legacy and the social perception of science through the lens of information decay.

NANA Lauren Gregory (2008, DV, color, sound, 1m 50s) grandma+carrot

ZWISCHEN Lori Felker (2006, 16mm, b/w+hand-scratched sound, 2m) Zwischen exists on the thin line between opposing forces. There is no grey between black and white, as Zwischen jumps from earth to space, mixes matter with air, and materializes inspiration at the insistence of the hand. Dirt moves over light to soundtrack of noise and space.

MEHOH 01A Jon Satrom (2009, DV, color/sound, 2m) glitch processing

DOPPELGÄNGER Clara Kim (2007, DV, color/sound, 1m45s) A story about a special friendship.

ABNLIUMEARTEIDON Jared Larson (2008, DV, color/sound, 5m) Let’s see where we go when we go and go until it goes and goes and is gone.

OH, MY CAPTAIN! Ernest Kim (2009, DV, color/sound 6m) An old hobbyist who specializes in ships-in-a-bottle decides one day to build himself a ship to test nearby waters.

A-PART FROM THE STORY CAROLINA Gonzalez Valencia (2009, 16 mm–>DV color/sound, 10m40s); stop motion, cutouts, puppets

LEAFY LEAFY JUNGLE Jim Trainor (2007, 16mm, color, silent, 2m45s) Inspired by leafcutter ants

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