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Salise Hughes will show Recycled Visions at the Hollywood!

Published March 17th, 2011 by Grand Detour

This is a big one, guys. Grand Detour will bring Seattle-based experimental filmmaker Salise Hughes to Portland on March 29 at 7PM for a screening of Recycled Visions, a collection of her work made between 2005-2011 that includes at least two world premieres. Considering that Hughes’ films have screened at the International Film Festival Rotterdam, L’Alternative- Barcelona, the Seattle International Film Festival, the Ann Arbor Film Festival, and the PDX and Northwest Film & Video Festivals in Portland, as well as the Walker Art Center, it is a tremendous honor to be able to present her work as a part of Grand Detour’s Winter Screening Series. This not-to-be-missed event will take place at the historic Hollywood Theatre, a fitting venue for this highly regarded filmmaker.

Hughes is known for her special process of digitally erasing and layering images from found footage. This collection of her recent short films showcases complex and mesmerizing works that address such disparate subjects as capturing the ephemeral, dreams of flying, and family histories. Recycled Visions will include Title Wave (2005, 2 minutes), How to Draw Clouds (2006, 2 minutes), Flying Dreams (2006, 13 minutes), Double Lives (2007, 5 minutes), Every One I Have Ever Known (2007, 4 minutes), There Were Houses Here (2006, 10 minutes), Strange Weather (2005, 3 minutes), How to Draw Dogs (2007, 3 minutes), The Tourist (2008, 7 minutes), Nothing to Fear But Nothing Itself (2009, 5 minutes), Celluloid Heroes Never Really Die (2010, 6 minutes), The Swimmer (2010, 4 minutes), Shiny Things (2007, 5 minutes), Somewhere (2009, 4 minutes),  How to Draw Flowers (2011, 5 minutes), and the brand-new Erasable Cities (2011).

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Devotion Premier at Grand Detour

Published August 25th, 2010 by Grand Detour

DEVOTION is the story of Viola and Louise, two young women who find each other at an emotional crossroad. As their friendship deepens, so do the implications of what it means to be Viola’s “friend.” But the longer Louise refuses to let go, the more she fears for herself. Will she have the strength to sever their ties, or is it already too late?

DEVOTION is a short film that celebrates genre, the unexpected, and how annoying it is when people talk loudly at movie theaters. Made entirely in Portland, Oregon on a shoestring budget, come enjoy the final product of one group of people’s collective desire to make a story come alive.

Wednesday August 25th, Screening 8-8:30, Reception 8:30-10pm.

Grand Detour

215 SE Morrison, Suite 2020
Portland, OR

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