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Local Love with Kurtis Hough! 11/7, 8pm.

Published October 30th, 2012 by Grand Detour

640 SE Stark

Admission: Sliding Scale $3-6, (we pay Kurtis, and we also pay rent to host screenings)



PLEASE join us for a survey of Kurtis Hough’s impressive oeuvre-so-far, this coming Wednesday, 11/7, at 8pm. The evening will be a comprehensive look at eight years of experimenting in rhythm and image. From hauntingly beautiful animation to some of the most tragicomic 24 seconds you will ever see, this program is a rare chance to see the depth and breadth of Hough’s skillful and and iconoclastic practice.

Part 1:
Water From the Same Source
stumble then rise on some awkward morning
My Shelf

Part 2:
Peach, Plum, Pear
I Never Have Sighed
Shadows Grow Long

Part 3:
Warm Earth, Which I’ve Been Told
Walking Through Mist I-II
how to lose $2400 in 24 seconds
Mossgrove / Bed of Moss

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Published October 17th, 2012 by Grand Detour

We are so thrilled to offer a great double-header of yummy Portland-tastic goodness next Thursday: Animation from Justin Warner and tunes by We are Like the Spider (OH MY GOD PLEASE LET THEM DO THAT ACE OF BASE COVER!)! So join us for an evening that promises to be: weird, cool, and totally worth the trip out. Like pumpkin flavored EVERYTHING, it’s the season for watchin and listenin and takin in! We hope to see you!


Thursday, October 25, 8pm

640 SE Stark

$3-6 (refreshments will be served! EVERYONE LOVES REFRESHMENTS)

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BRENT EFFING COUGHENOUR! 9/27, 8pm, 640 SE Stark

Published September 23rd, 2012 by Grand Detour
If you went to any EFFPortland, you might have noticed that Mr. Brent Coughenour was ALL UP IN IT. His installation In Search of Lost Time was at Place Gallery, and his excellent short film Work in Progress was in our “best of” program. Bottom line: THIS DUDE RULES. He may in fact be the best thing to come out of Detroit. And NOW he’s bringing a tour of recent work back to Portland, and you’re not going to want to miss it. JOIN US THIS THURSDAY, September 27, at 8pm, for a show that will rock your socks.
Brent Coughenour is a media artist originally from the Motor City, currently based in the Golden State. He has presented his work at a variety of festivals and venues throughout the U.S. and internationally, including the International Film Festival Rotterdam, Media City Film and Video Festival, Antimatter Film Festival, Experimental Film and Video Festival in Seoul, Ann Arbor Film Festival and the fledgling Experimental Film Festival Portland. His most recent piece, the three-part found-footage video essay Mysterium Cosmographicum, is distributed by Video Data Bank.

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Boys will be Boys: Chris Freeman and Joe Noreen Thursday, September 20, 8pm

Published September 16th, 2012 by Grand Detour

We fell in love with Chris Freeman when he submitted Chris Freeman Presents: A scene from Star Trek: The Next Generation, Episode 3×09, “The Vengeance Factor”  to EFFPortland, and the love just keeps on flowin! Join us as we celebrate his work this Thursday, September 20, at 8pm, in our new space at 640 SE Stark!

Chris Freeman, “Me Time”

Chris Freeman’s video work deals with ideas of masculinity and normalcy as a white, straight, American male.  Often taking the form of self-portraits, Freeman’s constructed situations seek to portray the contradictions in a social group that is so normal it is not defined as a group.  The result is often humorous and ironic, but multi-layered, as he uses his own far-from-perfect male body to show unspoken pressures of strength, vigilance, and competitiveness.  

We’re stoked that he’s going to screen with us this Thursday. We’re stoked that he’s going to be premiering “Dreams of War, Dreams of Lies, Dreams of Dragon’s Fire,” a metal mash-up music video investigating rock star heroes, a mythology of power, unrealized dreams, and how lame normal life is.

We’re also stoked that he’s bringin a friend! Joe Noreen is a photographer, musician, writer, video artist, sometimes film actor, and human, whose work aims to articulate and vindicate the magnificent albatross of incisive sensitivity and the beautiful nightmare that is perceptive consciousness.

Here’s to a night of fantastic media and rad bromance! Suggested donation $3-6 (hey, we pay rent at that space, y’all).

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Published July 23rd, 2011 by Grand Detour

Grand Detour Presents Jodie Mack

Thursday, July 28, 2011, 8PM

RECESS Gallery, 1127 SE 10th, Portland, OR


Fantastic animator Jodie Mack is stopping in Stumptown on her latest tour, and Grand Detour is ecstatic to host her visit as part of Hot Media, their Summer Screening Series. Mack will show a hundred and ten minutes of gorgeous 16mm moving pictures at RECESS Gallery in the Oregon Brassworks Building this coming July 28th, beginning at 8PM. The pieces were completed over the course if the last six years, and they will all be lovely. After the screening, Mack will be available for a Q&A session. This is Grand Detour’s last screening before the season-closing Bad Film Barbeque, and it will be one of their most important screenings to date.




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This is Why We’re Hot (Media): David Sherman in Stumptown!!!

Published July 21st, 2011 by Grand Detour

Grand Detour is Proud to Present:

David Sherman: Wasteland Utopias

Tuesday, July 26, 2011, 8PM

RECESS Gallery, 1127 SE 10th

The year is 1993. The place, San Francisco. David Sherman, experimental media-maker, founds the world’s first microcinema. Fast forward to 2011, and Portland’s own Grand Detour is hosting a screening of Sherman’s Wasteland Utopias, a cinematic essay featuring visionary developer Del Webb (Sun City) and legendary radical psychiatrist/naturalist Wilhelm Reich (Orgone Energy). What on earth could these two possibly have in common? The sunny Sonoran Desert for one thing, a shadowy CIA Operative for another. Desert landscapes, desert soulscapes, sex, sustainability, Emotional Plague, cloudbusting, water retention, cosmic intervention—these and other relevancies link the 1950s with our present moment in surprising, and seemingly prophetic, ways. Using found footage, documentary interviews, and narrative tableaux, the film interweaves contradictory narratives and critically poetic observations. By juxtaposing these two thinkers—who represent ostensibly opposing visions of a still-undefined future—Sherman asks viewers to consider a multiplicity of perspectives on our endangered natural and social environments.

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Keep the Summer Going! Two Awesome GD Events this Weekend!!!

Published July 6th, 2011 by Grand Detour

That’s right, friends. Hot Media and getting hotter! Just in time for your Independence hangover to have finally worn off, we’ve got a weekend of 16mm madness and microfest magic. Join us at RECESS gallery on Friday and Saturday for Joel Schlemowitz and the triumphant return of the Cut + Run Tour!


Grand Detour Presents
Joel Schlemowitz!

Friday, July 8, 2011, 8PM

RECESS Gallery,
1127 SE 10th

Brooklyn-based filmmaker Joel Schlemowitz, known for his experimental documentaries and short poetic cinema, will present a program of 16mm works hosted by Grand Detour at RECESS Gallery this upcoming July 8. Jennifer Macmillan of Invisible Cinema writes, “With flashes, leaves, and pools of light, suns, flashlights, and handmade light inventions, Joel creates cinema-poems that crack open the infinite. Tracing the jeweled veins of Gustav Moreau, J.K. Huysmans, and Gerard de Nerval, his work eludes the dark shadows of night & illuminates the evening with cascading colors and flickering dreamscapes.”

Grand Detour Presents

The Autonomy of Place

Saturday, July 9, 8PM

RECESS gallery,
1127 SE 10th

The Cut + Run Tour is back in Portland one year after Grand Detour welcomed curators Mallary Abel and Brenda Contreras to town at their 2010 Bad Film Barbeque. This year, Grand Detour welcomes Cut + Run back to Stumptown and is proud to host The Autonomy of Place, another stellar program of short films, at RECESS Gallery at the Oregon Brassworks Building.

Cut + Run is a traveling film festival specializing in the exhibition of short avant-garde and experimental video and film programs. This year, they have stopped in Paris, Berlin, London, and San Francisco, and will finish their tour at the Echo Park Film Center in Los Angeles. The Autonomy of Place presents the work of American filmmakers from throughout the country. Each explores the fringes of The Autonomy of Place¬, uniquely investigating the capacities in which we recognize the politics and philosophies of the forgotten, overlooked, and sometimes-untold landscapes of our time and place. Featured artists include Robert Todd, Shelly Silver, Roger Beebe, Sara Zia Ebrahimi, Salise Hughes, Rick Bahto, and Charles Fairbanks.

Summer is finally here, so come enjoy it with us! Sink your teeth into it.














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Published June 21st, 2011 by Grand Detour

Any minute now, we’ll be announcing the full lineup of our Summer Screening Series, Hot Media. But we’re kicking things off NOW, ending the month with two great events: an interactive installation and a sweet experimental animation presentation. Check it:

Grand Detour Presents

Sound and Image Playground

at No.Fest Music and Arts Fair

Saturday, June 25, 2011, 2-6PM

Salle Trois Armes Fencing Studio

St. Johns

We here at Grand Detour are thrilled to have been invited back to No.Fest, an incredible celebration of art and community! This year, we will have 4 interactive stations set up for anyone to come and make their own sound and images. The playground is a series of stations that explore integral components of movie-making, both past and present. Using film projection, optical sound, direct animation, and veejaying, No.Fest visitors will be able to create their own pieces of experimental media, both singularly and collaboratively. It is free and open to all members of the community.
The first station of the playground will have participants creating their own soundtracks from a bin of found-footage clips, by pulling the film back and forth through the projector, experimenting with speed and existing sound. The second station focuses on creating sound through scratching into blackleader or silent found footage, which makes a soundtrack when passed over a projector’s opticalsound head. The possibilities are endless, whether participants choose to try and recreate anexisting tune or just scratch until it sounds good! The third station is all about direct animation and collaboration. A unified Frankenstein monster of abstract film will be created en masse, using black and clear leader and sharpies, ink, hole punches, or paint to create images and put them in motion. The final product will be used as part of an improvised performance by one of No.Fest’s many amazing musical acts, so participants will actually be collaborating on a music video! Finally, the last station will utilize a drum pad and Max MSP to mix, match, and filter in realtime, creating brand new combinations of images from an existing database. With the playground, Grand Detour will be able to combine art and education with community and experimentation, laying groundwork for more and more educational offerings in the future. Come on out for some fun!!!


Grand Detour Presents

Stefan Gruber: Both Worlds

June 30,  8PM

RECESS Gallery, Oregon Brassworks Building, 1127 SE 10th

So excited to bring Seattle-based Stefan Gruber to Portland for this amazing presentation!

YouTube Preview Image

Both Worlds is a live performance art animation piece. Every show is fully participatory with audience presence greatly effecting the direction of the piece.Audiences are treated to a 10 minute cartoon with live score by a musician local to the area, and live voices by the animator and audience participants. The experience features a fully colored hand animated luscious cartoon world where hollow glass men learn to meditate and are filled to their brims with lightning, a mute liberator is granted 3 wishes in an Eden like garden, and cartoon deities sit upon mountaintops ready to trade gardening tips about their mountainside utopias. Each performance is accompanied by 2 improvised animated portraits drawn of audience members. In the closing section, a menu is given out of Gruber’s early works, and audience members call out their choices. This will be a 50 minute show, with optional 40 minutes of Q & A. Huge thanks to RECESS for hosting us!






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Published May 17th, 2011 by Grand Detour

Grand Detour Presents Bob Moricz:


Tuesday, May 31, 2011, 8:00 PM

Recess Gallery, Oregon Brassworks Building, 1127 SE 10th

Suggested Donation $3-6

Fans of filmmaking’s freaky fringes will not want to miss this special Grand Detour presentation by Bob Moricz, a self taught underground filmmaker and musician living right here in Portland, Oregon. “I AM UGLY AND I WANT TO DIE SO WHY DON’T YOU JUST PLEASE FUCK ME is a documentary Bob Moricz made about himself, and it will screen at 8:00 PM on Tuesday, May 31 at the new Recess Gallery in the Oregon Brassworks Building. Quotes Moricz, “I hate documentaries. They’ve become cookie cutter clichés and I wanted to do something completely different. My movies are yanked from the nether regions of my sullied soul, so I figured I could assemble clips culled from the last twenty years of my movie making in a stream of consciousness fashion, revealing a good deal about the things that drive me, my own personal mythology and obsessions, as well as my creative process.”

Growing up in the Zodiac-Killer-haunted San Francisco Bay Area in the 1970′s and 1980′s, as a latch key child, Moricz couldn’t wait to get home and watch movies on the bulky family VCR. In college he started working for an independent film production company based in San Francisco, determined to somehow break into the business, but was horrified with the waste, indecision, and ego-fueled tomfoolery in this strange world of “real” movie making. Just then, like manna from heaven, Moricz found George and Mike Kuchar’s incredible book Reflections From A Cinematic Cesspool at City Lights bookstore and was forever changed. Since then, Moricz has shot over thirty shorts and features on Super 8mm film and video. His music video for the Xiu Xiu song Bog People appears on their album La Foret. The Miami Underground Film Festival awarded him the prize for best director in 2008, and FELONY FLATS, his newest feature, will be opening the Portland Underground Film Festival on Thursday, June 9th. It was shot locally on a Flip video camera.


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EVERYBODY GLITCH OUT! evan meaney at the mall!

Published April 15th, 2011 by Grand Detour
Exhibition:  April 16-30 

Artist Talk: April 23, 4:00 PM

Screening: April 23, 6:00 PM

Location PLACE Gallery
The Settlement
Pioneer Place Mall
3rd Floor
Portland, OR

Grand Detour is going back to the mall to present the multi-channel, glitch-happy, science-tastic videos of Evan Meaney, including an installation of his most recent project, the ceibas cycle at PLACE Gallery in the Settlement at Pioneer Place. The exhibition will run from April 16-30. Meaney will give an artist talk around the issues of his work on Saturday April 23, and follow with a screening of both his own past projects and inspiration from his self-appointed “spirit animal”, Hollis Frampton.

the ceibas cycle is a ten-part, multimedia exploration of ghosts, glitches and the aesthetics of entropy. Begun in 2007 and completed in 2011, the cycle offers technological rupture as an interface exploring geography, testimony, mortality and other hackable systems. Centering on an understanding of archival memory and networked representation, these pieces attempt to redefine viability. For our cyber-organized culture, glitches embody the imperfections that allow for us to be complete. A broken thing presents itself as a dialogue and not simply as a vessel. In this spirit, the ceibas cycle serves as a home for these glitchy reminders, given in all of their complex imperfection, so as to better celebrate our own.

Evan Meaney is an American-born scientist who teaches time-based media design at the university of Tennessee. His research, curation and artistic practices delve into liminalities, breaches and glitches of all sorts, equating faulty data interpretation to ghosts, seances and archival hauntology. He has been an Iowa arts fellow, an artist in residence at the Experimental Television Center, a Princess Grace nominee, and a founding member of GLI.TC/H, the international conference of noise and new media. Currently, Evan is working on new projects with the super computing team at Oak Ridge National Laboratories through generous funding from the National Science foundation. His most recent body of work, the ceibas cycle, has been exhibited in galleries, theaters, building-facades, museums, and universities both nationally and abroad.


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