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Female Trouble at Grand Detour! Coming 2/23!

Published February 7th, 2012 by Grand Detour

FEMALE TROUBLE (Part of the Dirty Looks Roadshow)

Thursday, February 23, 8:00 – 10:00 PM

Grand Detour at BOOM BAP!

640 SE Stark St. Portland OR, 97214

Sliding-scale admission: $3-6.

Dirty Looks

DIRTY LOOKS! No, that’s not what we’ve been giving (or getting). That’s the New York-based queer film and video series that is going on a West Coast tour, and stopping in our fair City of Roses to screen a fantastic program! We here at Grand Detour are thrilled to be the hosts of Dirty Looks’ only public engagement in Rip City. We are STOKED to be screening at Boom Bap!, a great lil’ DIY multimedia workspace and classroom that has been tearing it up on First Fridays lately.

Female Trouble is an intergenerational cornucopia of genderfuck film that explores – and explodes – normative roles of femininity and gender. With pieces that span five decades, these artists queer female subject space via drag tactics, narrative juxtaposition and overt performativity, with approaches ranging from masquerade to mythic, performance document to exposé video zine.


Conrad Ventur, Mario Montez Screen Test, 2010
Patti Podesta, Stepping, 1981
Steven Arnold, Messages, Messages, 1968
Matthias Müller, Home Stories, 1990
Narcissister, Every Woman, 2010
Zackary Drucker, Fish, 2008
Vaginal Davis, Barbi Twins (excerpt), 1993

No matter how wrapped up in EFF (can we say we’re EFF’d?) Grand Detour is right now, this was a screening too good to pass up.

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Published June 21st, 2011 by Grand Detour

Any minute now, we’ll be announcing the full lineup of our Summer Screening Series, Hot Media. But we’re kicking things off NOW, ending the month with two great events: an interactive installation and a sweet experimental animation presentation. Check it:

Grand Detour Presents

Sound and Image Playground

at No.Fest Music and Arts Fair

Saturday, June 25, 2011, 2-6PM

Salle Trois Armes Fencing Studio

St. Johns

We here at Grand Detour are thrilled to have been invited back to No.Fest, an incredible celebration of art and community! This year, we will have 4 interactive stations set up for anyone to come and make their own sound and images. The playground is a series of stations that explore integral components of movie-making, both past and present. Using film projection, optical sound, direct animation, and veejaying, No.Fest visitors will be able to create their own pieces of experimental media, both singularly and collaboratively. It is free and open to all members of the community.
The first station of the playground will have participants creating their own soundtracks from a bin of found-footage clips, by pulling the film back and forth through the projector, experimenting with speed and existing sound. The second station focuses on creating sound through scratching into blackleader or silent found footage, which makes a soundtrack when passed over a projector’s opticalsound head. The possibilities are endless, whether participants choose to try and recreate anexisting tune or just scratch until it sounds good! The third station is all about direct animation and collaboration. A unified Frankenstein monster of abstract film will be created en masse, using black and clear leader and sharpies, ink, hole punches, or paint to create images and put them in motion. The final product will be used as part of an improvised performance by one of No.Fest’s many amazing musical acts, so participants will actually be collaborating on a music video! Finally, the last station will utilize a drum pad and Max MSP to mix, match, and filter in realtime, creating brand new combinations of images from an existing database. With the playground, Grand Detour will be able to combine art and education with community and experimentation, laying groundwork for more and more educational offerings in the future. Come on out for some fun!!!


Grand Detour Presents

Stefan Gruber: Both Worlds

June 30,  8PM

RECESS Gallery, Oregon Brassworks Building, 1127 SE 10th

So excited to bring Seattle-based Stefan Gruber to Portland for this amazing presentation!

YouTube Preview Image

Both Worlds is a live performance art animation piece. Every show is fully participatory with audience presence greatly effecting the direction of the piece.Audiences are treated to a 10 minute cartoon with live score by a musician local to the area, and live voices by the animator and audience participants. The experience features a fully colored hand animated luscious cartoon world where hollow glass men learn to meditate and are filled to their brims with lightning, a mute liberator is granted 3 wishes in an Eden like garden, and cartoon deities sit upon mountaintops ready to trade gardening tips about their mountainside utopias. Each performance is accompanied by 2 improvised animated portraits drawn of audience members. In the closing section, a menu is given out of Gruber’s early works, and audience members call out their choices. This will be a 50 minute show, with optional 40 minutes of Q & A. Huge thanks to RECESS for hosting us!






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Salise Hughes will show Recycled Visions at the Hollywood!

Published March 17th, 2011 by Grand Detour

This is a big one, guys. Grand Detour will bring Seattle-based experimental filmmaker Salise Hughes to Portland on March 29 at 7PM for a screening of Recycled Visions, a collection of her work made between 2005-2011 that includes at least two world premieres. Considering that Hughes’ films have screened at the International Film Festival Rotterdam, L’Alternative- Barcelona, the Seattle International Film Festival, the Ann Arbor Film Festival, and the PDX and Northwest Film & Video Festivals in Portland, as well as the Walker Art Center, it is a tremendous honor to be able to present her work as a part of Grand Detour’s Winter Screening Series. This not-to-be-missed event will take place at the historic Hollywood Theatre, a fitting venue for this highly regarded filmmaker.

Hughes is known for her special process of digitally erasing and layering images from found footage. This collection of her recent short films showcases complex and mesmerizing works that address such disparate subjects as capturing the ephemeral, dreams of flying, and family histories. Recycled Visions will include Title Wave (2005, 2 minutes), How to Draw Clouds (2006, 2 minutes), Flying Dreams (2006, 13 minutes), Double Lives (2007, 5 minutes), Every One I Have Ever Known (2007, 4 minutes), There Were Houses Here (2006, 10 minutes), Strange Weather (2005, 3 minutes), How to Draw Dogs (2007, 3 minutes), The Tourist (2008, 7 minutes), Nothing to Fear But Nothing Itself (2009, 5 minutes), Celluloid Heroes Never Really Die (2010, 6 minutes), The Swimmer (2010, 4 minutes), Shiny Things (2007, 5 minutes), Somewhere (2009, 4 minutes),  How to Draw Flowers (2011, 5 minutes), and the brand-new Erasable Cities (2011).

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