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Mack McFarland: Phenomenon as Revelation

Published July 13th, 2010 by Grand Detour

Is it true that now and forever whenever I write about Mack McFarland, I will also show you my favorite of his Kinetocasts (above)? Probably. I’d post this daily if I could find a fine excuse.

On the occasion of his talk tonight at Grand Detour: Experiments in New Media (215 SE Morrison, Suite 2020), I’ll not only post “Watch to Alleviate Aesthetic Static,” I’ll link to a little note on the great talk he gave recently at the South Waterfront.

Tonight at 7 PM, this interdisciplinary artist and curator, member of The Video Gentlemen and Weird Fiction, will be presenting “Phenomenon as Revelation,” a screening and talk on his video works. He said he’s also going to recreate an installation in Grand Detour’s front room.

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