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The Sound Table at Grand Detour

Published September 9th, 2010 by Grand Detour

After the substantial success of its Summer Screening Series, Grand Detour Experiments in New Media is continuing the momentum with The Sound Table, a monthly discussion group around issues and forms of experimental sound. Jeffrey Von Ragan, a local sound, film, and video artist as well as a Summer Screening Series participant, will lead the Sound Table.

This first meeting will focus on the unintended use of a musical or non-musical device; creating noise/music on a device or component in which the resulting outcome was not originally intended. This could be considered a form of progress, manipulation or evolution. This creates a larger vocabulary in the process; in essence, extending “syllables” to create a new language. Albert Ayler and John Zorn achieved this with the extremes of their saxophone playing, as did Raymond Scott in his exploration of electronics. Noise and sound can be made out of unconventional instruments as well. One major and obvious device is the art of DJing and scratching records on a turntable. Electronic hacking, circuit-bending and the use of household items such as PVC Pipe, kitchen utensils, balloons, creaking chairs, etc. will also be explored. And of course, one can’t forget the importance of field recordings, samples and the infinite possibility of their manipulation in the post-production phase. This discussion is an invitation for anyone interested in the “out there” creation of sound and music. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to bring homemade instruments or recordings of unusual instruments or devices.

Sunday, September 12 from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Grand Detour

215 SE Morrison, Suite 2020
Portland, OR

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Nostalgic Paranoia: Short Videos and Random Observations by Karl Lind

Published August 31st, 2010 by Grand Detour

karl lind

As Grand Detour’s Summer Screening Series draws to a close, it is with immense excitement and pride that we announce our final presenter: Grand Detour co-founding member Karl Lind, an award-winning filmmaker, curator, and videographer. Admission is on a sliding scale from $3-6, which is split with the presenting artist and goes toward funding Grand Detour’s projects and screening space. Lind will present a selection of his video …work, discuss his life and progress, and in general do his best to entertain. Included in the program is Lind’s experimental documentary short “122 Random Seconds”, which was named Best Documentary at the 36th NW Film and Video Festival in 2009, and which Kenneth Turan of the Los Angeles Times calls “A perfect slice of life perfectly captured”.

Since 2002, Karl Lind has created short videos by incorporating a mixture of found and original materials, collaborations with fellow artists, and totally random moments captured while the video camera’s “record” button just happened to be depressed. In 2006, he also began curating under the moniker “Odds and Ends”, holding screenings in Portland, Seattle, Salt Lake City and San Francisco. His work has been screened internationally in film festivals and art galleries including the Rotterdam International Film Festival, PDX Film Fest!, NW Film and Video Festival, Other Cinema, Images Contre Nature and galleryHomeland. In 2008, he provided video programming in partnership with the Urban Nomad Film Festival for the Tai-Pei Biennial, and has served as a guest editor for Vol.11 of The Journal of Short Film.

August 31 · 8:00pm – 10:00pm

Grand Detour

215 SE Morrison, Suite 2020
Portland, OR

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Grand Detour Presents Vincent Moon

Published August 27th, 2010 by Grand Detour

vincent moonGrand Detour is super-stoked to present a program of Vincent Moon’s music shorts. Moon is one of the most exciting artists working today, reinventing the genre of music videos through his intimate and profound take away shows. Admission will be on a sliding scale from $3-6, which will be split with the presenting artist and help pay Grand Detour’s rent and production costs.

His real name is Mathieu Saura. But it’s under the name of Vincent Moon that music fans from all over the world – or at least those with an internet connection – know the 30-year-old comet of a filmmaker, who has reinvented the music video as a documentary. After having studied under the photographers Michael Ackerman and Antoine D’Agata, the young music nerd started getting increasingly interested in moving images. The combination of music and film could easily have ended in MTV-land. But according to Moon, the usual music video has long been stuck in a closed marketing circuit.
Since 2006, with his ‘Take Away Shows‘, he has offered a non-commercial alternative: small, short films that capture the musicians out in the alleys, hallways and elevators of reality, without amplifiers or special effects. The Take Away Shows paved the way for larger film projects, and Saura’s far-reaching resumé now also includes concert films and documentaries – all of them equipped with the special shadow/light aesthetic that can give his images an almost abstract quality.

Moon’s greatest strength, however, is his ability to capture the music without superfluous embellishments. He is a musical adventurer, constantly seeking for new musical treasure chests. But he not only discovers: he also participates, with his camera as both an instrument and as an initiator of events.

August 27 from 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm

Grand Detour

215 SE Morrison, Suite 2020
Portland, OR

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Devotion Premier at Grand Detour

Published August 25th, 2010 by Grand Detour

DEVOTION is the story of Viola and Louise, two young women who find each other at an emotional crossroad. As their friendship deepens, so do the implications of what it means to be Viola’s “friend.” But the longer Louise refuses to let go, the more she fears for herself. Will she have the strength to sever their ties, or is it already too late?

DEVOTION is a short film that celebrates genre, the unexpected, and how annoying it is when people talk loudly at movie theaters. Made entirely in Portland, Oregon on a shoestring budget, come enjoy the final product of one group of people’s collective desire to make a story come alive.

Wednesday August 25th, Screening 8-8:30, Reception 8:30-10pm.

Grand Detour

215 SE Morrison, Suite 2020
Portland, OR

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Hannah Piper Burns on ULTRA

Published August 3rd, 2010 by Grand Detour

onight at Grand Detour: Experiments in New Media (215 SE Morrison, Suite 2020), one of the founding members, Hannah Piper Burns presents a selection of her video work and a talk entitled “not either/or, but and and yes” (a title I am definitely going to steal for something).

Burns, who recently had work at galleryHOMELAND and No.Fest will discuss “the trajectory of her video art practice and how form and concept have evolved and moved through her work, which deals with… intimacy, liminality, subjectivity, technology, and narrative.”
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Cut & Run Festival on

Published July 16th, 2010 by Grand Detour

port logo

Grand Detour presents the touring Cut and Run Festival. Their current program, Evolution and Life of the Mind, Body, and Medium, “focuses on cycles of minds, bodies, and filmstrips, with each work representing a perspective of itself as one, in contrast to the others.” The program includes filmmakers from Spain, Cyprus, France, Germany, and the USA, with animated photo-negatives, appropriated 16mm trailers, film/digital hybrids, and genre-bending experimental works of “cinematic evolution.”

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Mack McFarland: Phenomenon as Revelation

Published July 13th, 2010 by Grand Detour

Is it true that now and forever whenever I write about Mack McFarland, I will also show you my favorite of his Kinetocasts (above)? Probably. I’d post this daily if I could find a fine excuse.

On the occasion of his talk tonight at Grand Detour: Experiments in New Media (215 SE Morrison, Suite 2020), I’ll not only post “Watch to Alleviate Aesthetic Static,” I’ll link to a little note on the great talk he gave recently at the South Waterfront.

Tonight at 7 PM, this interdisciplinary artist and curator, member of The Video Gentlemen and Weird Fiction, will be presenting “Phenomenon as Revelation,” a screening and talk on his video works. He said he’s also going to recreate an installation in Grand Detour’s front room.

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