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Press for EFF!

Published May 22nd, 2012 by Grand Detour

Weird Rumblings [Mercury]

Back to the Fringe [Willamette Week]

Experimental Film Festival Portland [Oregonian]








Chi-Animation All-Stars!!! Tues. Feb. 22nd

Published February 16th, 2011 by Grand Detour

Grand Detour in The Oregonian

Published August 27th, 2010 by Grand Detour

Oregonian Logo

In May, video artist Dustin Zemel — along with Hannah Piper-Burns, Ben Popp and Karl Lind — founded Grand Detour, a collective dedicated to cultivating a community of experimental video and film artists through screenings and presentations. Its first undertaking, the Summer Screening Series, launched a two-month-long program of screenings and presentations by 20 local artists, including Mack McFarland, Dan Gilsdorf, Stephen Slappe and Vanessa Renwick. The series, which has been held in the Research Club’s modest space in the Portland Storage Building, not only allows attendees to see a selection of work by a single artist but also to learn about the processes and concepts that have informed the work’s development. So far, the series has been consistently well-attended, evincing a clear need for a venue with Grand Detour’s mission. 

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Hannah Piper Burns on ULTRA

Published August 3rd, 2010 by Grand Detour

onight at Grand Detour: Experiments in New Media (215 SE Morrison, Suite 2020), one of the founding members, Hannah Piper Burns presents a selection of her video work and a talk entitled “not either/or, but and and yes” (a title I am definitely going to steal for something).

Burns, who recently had work at galleryHOMELAND and No.Fest will discuss “the trajectory of her video art practice and how form and concept have evolved and moved through her work, which deals with… intimacy, liminality, subjectivity, technology, and narrative.”
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Under the Radar Preview on Port

Published July 26th, 2010 by Grand Detour

port logo

Grand Detour presents Allison Halter: Apparently I Am An Experimental Filmmaker Now, a selection of Halter’s film and video work from 2002-present. “She will probably also riff around on various topics such as un-representable sadness, accumulation, and ecstasy.”

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Tyler Wallace Micro Cinema on

Published July 19th, 2010 by Grand Detour

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Portland-based multidisciplinary artist Tyler Wallace will present her films at Grand Detour as part of their Summer Screening Series. “Wallace will present and discuss selections from her body of work, which focuses on the themes of idiosyncratic family dynamics, personal history, and identity construction. Through the use of parody and humor, Wallace delves into a personal narrative based around being raised in the South by two ex-Mormon parents and a homosexual father.”

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Cut & Run Festival on

Published July 16th, 2010 by Grand Detour

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Grand Detour presents the touring Cut and Run Festival. Their current program, Evolution and Life of the Mind, Body, and Medium, “focuses on cycles of minds, bodies, and filmstrips, with each work representing a perspective of itself as one, in contrast to the others.” The program includes filmmakers from Spain, Cyprus, France, Germany, and the USA, with animated photo-negatives, appropriated 16mm trailers, film/digital hybrids, and genre-bending experimental works of “cinematic evolution.”

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Mack McFarland: Phenomenon as Revelation

Published July 13th, 2010 by Grand Detour

Is it true that now and forever whenever I write about Mack McFarland, I will also show you my favorite of his Kinetocasts (above)? Probably. I’d post this daily if I could find a fine excuse.

On the occasion of his talk tonight at Grand Detour: Experiments in New Media (215 SE Morrison, Suite 2020), I’ll not only post “Watch to Alleviate Aesthetic Static,” I’ll link to a little note on the great talk he gave recently at the South Waterfront.

Tonight at 7 PM, this interdisciplinary artist and curator, member of The Video Gentlemen and Weird Fiction, will be presenting “Phenomenon as Revelation,” a screening and talk on his video works. He said he’s also going to recreate an installation in Grand Detour’s front room.

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